What is Klever Kustody?

Our solution for custody in the Blockchain

Klever Kustody offers an alternative to self-custody. Although having your private key and full control of your coins is desirable, it also comes with a major drawback.

Self-custody, as the name implies, restricts access to the assets for just one user. It does not offer the option of collective wallets.

Klever Kustody permits that more than one user manages a wallet, that is, sharing is now allowed. With that, transactions might not go through if, for instance, any of the administrators do not approve those transactions.

Klever Kustody is actually more than that, it offers a set of features which can improve safety and provide reasonable management and control of crypto assets.

Klever is responsible for hosting your wallets, but you still control your private keys. Take care of them!

Getting Started

Here's a basic overview of Klever Kustody:

Guides: Jump right in

These our guides to Klever Kustody's main features:


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